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Are you an Australian with the spirit of adventure? Then, look no further since Bhutan Travel Specialist, Druk Air Representative (Royal Bhutan Airlines) are giving you an inevitable offer to the gland Bhutan. This offer is valid up to 31st August 2018 where you get to enjoy a waiver of up to 30% discount on the airfares.The airfares are simply reduced from a staggering normal price of USD 892 to a discount price of USD 669 which makes the offer more inviting. Below are some of the main reasons why yu should not miss a chance to visit Bhutan:

Think of mystical beauty, think of surrealistic atmosphere, think of serenity or just think of Bhutan! As one of the world’s most breathtaking travel destinations, Bhutan offers a blend of rustic beauty and contemporary charm. Most importantly, this unique place is a paradise for globetrotters and fun lovers. The cultural experiences in Bhutan will not only inspire and delight art connoisseurs but will also fill the hearts of tourists with joy and exuberance.

If you are planning a trip to one of the world’s most exquisite locations, Bhutan will be the right option for you. The scenic settings, natural beauty and picturesque Bumthang Valley will help you immerse yourself in a magical world. Not to forget the cultural tour experiences; that’s the perfect icing on the cake.

Look at the tour experiences
When it comes to Bhutan, travelers can plan trips to the western, central and eastern regions. Although the western region is more advanced and developed than the other areas, the central and eastern parts are also accessible. When planning visits to Bhutan, most tourists choose Bhutan cultural tours because they provide them with deep insights into the country’s cultural practices.

The colorful dzongs
Dzongs are of great importance in Bhutan because they consist of monasteries, part fortresses or government offices. The interiors of these dzongs have beautiful and intricate paintings that reflect the philosophies and teachings of Buddhism. These inspirational images will surely fill your hearts with joy and satisfaction. Paro and Thimpu offer some of the lively dzongs.

Festivals of Bhutan
The celebrations in Bhutan are among the special attractions of cultural tours. If you want to visit Bhutan, do not miss the colorful and vibrant Tshechus. Festivals and festivals are inseparable parts of Bhutanese cultural tours, and you can travel to Thimpu and Paro for the most exciting experiences.

The rustic charm
A considerable part of the Bhutanese population happens to be farmers. Plan your trip with renowned tour operators in Bhutan and they offer you unique opportunities. You can be a part of rural life in Bhutan and spend a day or two with the Brokpas. Stay in the warm and cozy farms, assist them in the preparation of meals and enjoy the classic stone bath in this beautiful place.

Untouched landscape
Were it not for the divine-exotic visual delights awaiting those who travel to Bhutan to take part in a trek, world famous photographers from well-known media brands such as National Geographic and Conde Nast Traveler would not literally camp in Bhutan. Travelers tell us that they have experienced colors that have no names, flowers that are too beautiful to belong to the earth, and mountain peaks that are even too picturesque from afar. Renowned treks such as the Snowman’s Trek, the Jhomolhari Trek. And the Bumthang Trek, known for its cultural insights into the Bhutanese way of life, are all symbols of the original Bhutan that the government wants to preserve and preserve so carefully.

Bhutan travel and treks for everyone
There are essentially three difficulty levels for Bhutan Treks. The simple hikes are for the uninitiated. They are perfect for those who have never been on a hike before. Treks that have moderate challenge levels include some climbing and higher altitudes. The challenging treks are designed for semi-professional and professional trekkers and can include a large mountaineering component at very high altitudes.

Say ‘T’ for trekking
The dramatic scenery, scenic destinations and exquisite locations offer the best opportunities for hiking and trekking. An enriching trip to Bhutan is incomplete without the trekking tours.Bhutan’s scenic location and dramatic scenery offer great opportunities for the more adventurous. By choosing the less traveled route, you can reach some remote villages and amazing cliff monasteries, which can only be explored on short hikes or long hikes.

The experience of moving in different quiet villages and villages in Bhutan is incredible, because it requires a lot of climbing and hiking on steep paths. For extreme walks and ascents, tourists can also choose the large Lunana Peak, located in the northern part of the country. During the Bhutan tour there is another great summit, the Chomolhari Mountain – an incredible mountain hike for adventurers. Moderate hikers can admire many panoramic views next to rice paddles and Tibetan mountain ranges.

Take a walk in the Tiger Nest
Tigers Nest, popularly known as Taktsang Monastery, is one of the nation’s most famous attractions not to be missed on a Bhutanese tour. The monastery is located in the middle of the lush jungle, on the edge of a steep cliff that plunges 900 meters into the valley below. Tourists can reach the monastery on a leisurely stroll.

This awe inspiring structure is famous for the primary Lhakhang built around the Guru Rimpoche meditation cave in 1684. It is a great place to experience inner peace and that is the main reason why many visitors come here every year. So, while thinking about a vacation, do not forget to consider this attraction in Bhutan travel packages at all costs.

The main bridge of Thimphu commands ethereal surroundings, just to sit and sip a cup of tea or coffee. Tourists can also enjoy delicious cupcakes in local bakeries while walking through the Changlimithang Stadium National Stadium – the multipurpose national stadium. If luck exists, you can see local football game being played.

With these cultural tour experiences for tourists, Bhutan will undoubtedly be the paradise for passionate travelers and tourists. Contact a licensed and state-approved Bhutan tour operator like us and leave the basics to a team ready to serve you or check out this fabulous promotion for Australians.

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